Company History
Feb. 1, 1963 Mr. Wesley Swanson founded Sons Tool Inc in North Minneapolis.
1965  Business growth forced the company to a larger facility in Roseville, MN.
1965 - 1975  From 1965 through 1975 Sons Tool Inc continued to perfect their stamping capabilities and processes.
1975   Mr. Swanson decided to return to his home state and built an 18,000 sq. ft. facility in Woodville, WI., just 45 miles from Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN.

Capabilities explanded by adding sub-assembly type work including in-house welding, bracker riveting, and hardware insertions.
1993  As business continued to grow, a 12,000 sq. ft. addition was added - bringing the total sq. footage to 30,000.

Sons Tool, Inc. purchased C.M. Bubak, a company that specialized in smaller size stampings.

Over the next four years two additional office expansions were added to accommodate additional staff.
1995  A 20,000 sq. ft. addition was completed bringing the total sq. footage to 50,000.
1997  Laser capability was added to enhance the ability to turn pre-production samples and tool development around in a shorter period of time.
1997 - Current  We improved efficiencies by continuing to upgrade equipment and processes.
Today Sons Tool Inc continues its commitment to make the customer’s job as easy as possible.

Stampings can be made as complete-to-print as the customer needs by adding secondary services such as plating, painting, heat treating, or silk screening.
About Sons Tool Inc

Sons Tool is a quality driven, service oriented supplier of metal stamping throughout the United States and all around the world. We pride ourselves by doing the job right the first time and on time.


Production Quantities

Our normal production quantities are from prototype to 100,000 pieces annually in all cold punching materials from .005 to .250 thick, (including plastics).

Press Room

Tonnage Capacity

Our tonnage capacity is 5 to 200 ton with 65 presses.

In-House Tooling

All of our tooling is made in-house and is owned by the customer for the life of the part with no maintenance fees. An additional tool charge may occur when there is a change to the part, but it may only be a fraction of the initial cost.

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Stampings Complete to Print

We encourage our customers to let us have total responsibility for their stampings by letting us make the part to print with all added value operations such as;

  • painting
  • plating
  • silk screening
  • heat treating
  • welding
  • sub-assemblies with pem insertions
  • staked hardware

In House Laser

In-House Laser

Our in-house laser capability can also assist you in getting pre-production parts or small production orders in a short period of time.

Many of our customers are on JIT & KanBan stocking programs with blanket orders.

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