Frequently Asked Questions

How large of a part can you make?

24 x 24

What is your largest press tonnage?

200 Ton

Do you do assemblies?


What is your plant size?

50,000 sq. ft.

Can you receive prints via E-mail?

Yes, Click Here

Do you do painting or plating in house?

No, painting and plating are subcontracted.

What is the thinnest material you can punch? What is the thickest?

0.005 to 0.250

What is your normal delivery time?

New parts with tooling: 6-8 weeks.
Repeat orders: 4-6 weeks.

What are your payment terms?

1/2 - 10 N30

Do you have laser or Fabricating equipment for prototype parts?

Yes, Click Here

What is your normal run quantity?

Prototype to 100,000 pcs annually.

Do you track your quality?

Yes, Click Here

Do you furnish FAIR, PPAP, C ofC and material certs etc.?


Do you have a sales person in our area?

See our sales map to find a representative near you.

Do you have any parts in stock from the last run?

We often have parts in stock - which is helpful to our customers.

Do you make tooling in house?

Yes, Click Here

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